Honey Do Lists

Here's a few areas that you may want to work on - make your own list with these categories in mind:

  1. Plumbing items– Leaky faucets and clogged drains are common issues among homeowners. Other things that fall into the plumbing category: replacing the hardware on toilet tanks, replacing toilet seats and covers, upgrading shower heads, installing new toilets and repairing garbage disposals.
  2. Electrical issues – Many lists contain electrical work that (on the surface at least) can seem simple enough: replacing ceiling fans, light fixtures or adding dimmer switches.
  3. Preparing the home for a new season –Each season usually brings several home improvement opportunities. Is it time to inspect for drafts around doors and windows, install storm windows, or give your heating system a tune-up?
  4. Caulking – Sometimes caulking is necessary when preparing the home for a new season, but don’t forget around the tub or shower too. As homes settle and age, caulking is a constant maintenance job that must be revisited.
  5. Landscaping – Fall and spring are the most common times to invest in landscaping and gardening projects. These projects can run both big (think building a retaining wall) and small (planting new shrubs).
  6. Painting – Whether it’s touching up trim or tackling a whole room, painting is often on a honey do list. This can include doors, windows, or even the exterior of the house.
  7. Repair/patch work – Sometimes there’s damage to the drywall, or broken tiles, or maybe beat-up baseboards. Over time, homes get scraped and roughed-up and just need a little extra attention to be brought back to their original shape.
  8. Fix the sticks and squeaks – Floors, doors, and cabinets tend to do a lot of work. Inevitably, hinges get loose or need oil and floors grow gaps and worn-out spots.
  9. Cosmetic changes – Lots of honey do lists tackle simple cosmetic changes, like replacing the hardware on cabinets and doors.
  10. DIY projects – Homeowners often get creative with home improvement jobs like shelving and molding that can enhance a home’s overall function and appeal.


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